All that you Need to Know About Tobacco E-Cigarettes

Do you wish to know the exact difference between the normal cigar and the electronic one? Although both of them can be used to inhale tobacco, it is important to note that there are so many differences that exist between the two. What makes them even more different is the fact that one of them is operated manually whereas the other one is electronically operated? Take for instance the mechanism that each one of them uses for the heating or burning. The normal cigar depends on the smoker to light up the matchstick so that it can be burnt on the lower part of it.

The moment the normal cigar catches fire, it will definitely burn tobacco that is fitted inside as fast as possible. As tobacco burns, it will produce smoke that contains some elements of nicotine. On the other hand, the use of e-cigarettes is quite different in that it purely depends on the mechanism put aside by the device for it to be able to burn the tobacco liquid to vaporization. The heating takes place electronically within your device hence making the job easier and the burning enables the vaping to take place as fast as possible. For you to understand the e-cigarettes better, the following aspects of e-cigar will help you understand it even better;

  • e-liquids
  • sensor
  • battery


Cigars are meant to be used during the process of smoking tobacco. In the case of the normal cigar, dry tobacco is put in the folded paper that is meant to cover it fully. The moment that the smoker wishes to smoke it, all that you can do is to ensure that you have initiated the fire by using the match stick or any other source of fire. As it burns, it eventually reaches that point where the dry tobacco is fitted. It will definitely burn it to produce the smoke that contains nicotine. On the other hand, e-cigarettes are fitted with the liquid tobacco. The device is supposed to vaporize the liquid at the highest temperatures so that vapor can be produced. This is the reason as to why the whole process is referred to as the vaping.


The mouthpiece of the electronic cigar is fitted with an awesome device whose role is to detect your intention to vape. It will therefore initiate the whole process of heating that will eventually make it possible for the vaporization to take place. Such devices that are electronically operated make the whole device deserve the name electronic cigar.


The battery of this device plays an important role. Without it, the process of vaporization could not be possible. However, you need to recharge the battery regularly to avoid embarrassment that can put you down. The battery is made from lithium-ion hence it is strong enough that can take one through the vaping. This cannot be compared with the case of the normal cigarettes that are known to use the simplest form of technology to operate the smoking process.